Butterflies and Metal Foil Wall Hanging

I have been seeing a lot of butterflies flittering around in the open field adjacent to the big garage this spring. Lots of monarchs! There is a lot of milkweed growing throughout the area and it is the favored host plant for monarch. So, I always see quite a few but this year the population is exceptional. I suspect it has to do with the unusually mild winter and very early spring that we had this year.

It is not only monarchs but there have been a lot of other kinds butterflies and moths as well. One that I can identify is the yellow swallowtail but most of the others I cannot identify. I did see one unusual moth that I had never seen before. My son was able to snap a picture of it and we ultimately identified it as a hummingbird moth. The picture isn’t all that great but I posted it on flickr if you care to take a look. Just click on Hummingbird Moth.

What I am leading up to is I have a pair of wall hangings in my curios shop that feature butterflies. The butterflies are printed using transparent ink printed on metal foil. The process produces a dazzling holographic appearance. I would hand them in my own home but I don’t have much wall space left for hanging pictures. Take a look, I thing you will like them. Just click on Butterfly Wall Hanging.


Vinyl Wall Quotes Words Phrases Decal Life is a Song

WallVynal In keeping with the theme “singing” I came across this cool vinyl wall decal at the ecrater store “Walls that Talk.” It is a 22X12 decal. It has a music staff with notes and the words “Life is a song, Love is the music.” Perfect to dress up your music room. Walls that Talk has many interesting wall decals. Check it out.

Singing Cowboys A Prairie Home Companion

Dusty and Lefty

“Singing” is this week’s theme and the singing cowboys, Dusty and Lefty from the crew of A Prairie Home Companion certainly fit that theme. You can find a CD of the singing cowboys in my shop, Sirocco’s Curios. In this recording Garrrison Keillor is Lefty and Tim Russell is Dusty. There are six sketches and four cowboy songs. I know you will enjoy them all.

Candle Holder Cagle Road Pottery


In keeping with this week’s theme of “Flowers”, I came across this cute candle holder available from Carolina Blue Lady Vintage Collectibles. It has dogwood blossoms on the front with cutouts. It takes a votive style candle. And, it is signed.

What is interesting is the candle holder is from Cagle Road Pottery operated by Pat Cagle Ray and her husband, Gordon Ray. The pottery has been in the Cagle family since 1791.

Read more about the Seagrove area of North Carolina and its nearly 100 potteries in a 20 mile radius. Some have been there for 200 years. Just click on the link above to find the candle holder. Click here to find more Seagrove Area pottery available through Carolina Blue Lady Vintage Collectibles.

China Porcelain Wall Pocket Vase


This week’s blogging theme is “flowers.” And, what an appropriate theme it is! We are having a very early spring here in Minnesota. Tulips and daffodils are blooming everywhere. Naked Magnolia trees and Azalea bushes, still devoid of their leaves, are in full flower bloom. Crabapple trees are just about to burst with their red, white and pink canopies.

I am reminded of this cute little wall pocket vase with its pink roses pattern that I have in my curios shop. It is perfect to brighten up any room with flowers. Click on China Porcelain Wall Pocket to learn more about this cute little item.

Talking Frogs and more Frog Curiosities


“Frogs” is the theme for this week’s blog posting. It just happens that I have a number of items in my curiosity shop that fit that theme.

First, there is the talking frog. It is a hollowed out carved wooden frog with ripples along its back. One can hold the frog by its feet and rub the wooden stick over its back and hear the familiar rrib-it, rrib-it sound. It is a fun curiosity.

There is also a vintage molded metal frog. I suspect it to be a paper weight. It is another interesting curiosity worthy of inspection.  MetalFrog3

And, finally, I have a collection of six collectable frog curiosities. Among the collection is a frog molded from the ash from Mt. St. Helens and another is a little ceramic coqui frog from Puerto Rico. Take a peek. Just click on the bold links above to enter the shop, Sirocco’s Curios.

Avon Cocktail Glasses for Moonshine


Each week a social network that I belong to, Ecrater Stores Network, offers up a theme to blog about. This week’s theme is “moon.” While there are many ideas that come to mind, the first that came to my mind was “moonshine.” Moonshine is, of course, any illegally produced distilled alcoholic beverage. It is also known as “white lighting” or “hooch.” I am sure it is known by many other names as well.

Well, I can’t tell you how to make hooch or where to buy it but I can tell where to get a couple of nice cocktail glasses. You will find some nice collectable cocktail glasses at Sirocco’s Curios. Take a look!