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Cabin1 005

About me! Well, I guess I will begin by saying that I spend most of my time at our cabin in north central Minnesota. It is a heavily wooded area. The entrance to the property is shown at the left. There is also a lake.  Across a dirt road and down a steep hill is the lake. It is called Hand Lake as the lake has fingers and it is shaped like a hand.

A large picture window overlooks a pond in the back of our cabin. In the spring the pond is full of colorful wood ducks. Throughout the summer deer constantly wander through the area. It is always exciting to see the little fawns come out in the late spring. They like to play in the pond. There is an occasional bear although I have not seen one for a couple of years now. But there are always many smaller animals like fox, raccoon, and others. One could sit and watch out the window all day and constantly be entertained by all the living creatures that visit the pond.

Like many people, over the years, my wife and I have accumulated all sorts of belongings. Some are real antiques, some are collectables and some are just gently used useful items that we no longer need. In addition, my parents and my wife’s parent’images accumulations have ended up here as well. In other words, we have a lot of stuff. Most of it is stored in a large three car garage with an attic. We no longer put a car in the garage. Here is a photo of the side of garage. You can also see the beginning of my container garden at the corner of the building.

A while ago I decided to lighten the load a bit. And so, Sirocco’s Curios was born. It is an on line store hosted by eCrater.  I have begun listing some of the items for sale. I am not looking to make a lot of money; I am just trying to lighten up the load and recover a little bit of cash. I do hope you will stop in and take a look around. I am adding more items every week. I am also an active member of the eCrater Stores Network.


You might be interested to know that I am of Native American heritage from my mother’s side. My Great-great Grandfather was Minogeshig (Fineday). He is pictured at the left from an old stereo view card. I am an enrolled member of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe.

I enjoy making adornments using silver, leather and beads. I have not done much silversmith work since the price of silver went bananas but I still do some. Most of my work is with beads and leather. I make some women’s jewelry but I prefer to make men’s jewelry. I have a line of jewelry I call “Really Cool Jewelry for Men.” My style is contemporary with a Native American flair. I still make some traditional Indian jewelry and some I make the old way using traditional methods.

I sell my wares on line at my store, Sirocco’s Trading Post. You will find my trading post stores at Sirocco’s Trading Post (etsy), Sirocco’s Trading Post (artfire) and Siroccos Trading Post (icraft). You might also find my trading post blog of some interest. You can find it here.

Well, that’s abut all I have for now.

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