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Butterflies and Metal Foil Wall Hanging

I have been seeing a lot of butterflies flittering around in the open field adjacent to the big garage this spring. Lots of monarchs! There is a lot of milkweed growing throughout the area and it is the favored host plant for monarch. So, I always see quite a few but this year the population is exceptional. I suspect it has to do with the unusually mild winter and very early spring that we had this year.

It is not only monarchs but there have been a lot of other kinds butterflies and moths as well. One that I can identify is the yellow swallowtail but most of the others I cannot identify. I did see one unusual moth that I had never seen before. My son was able to snap a picture of it and we ultimately identified it as a hummingbird moth. The picture isn’t all that great but I posted it on flickr if you care to take a look. Just click on Hummingbird Moth.

What I am leading up to is I have a pair of wall hangings in my curios shop that feature butterflies. The butterflies are printed using transparent ink printed on metal foil. The process produces a dazzling holographic appearance. I would hand them in my own home but I don’t have much wall space left for hanging pictures. Take a look, I thing you will like them. Just click on Butterfly Wall Hanging.